“Damn it! Leave your lonely expectations to their weary war-eyed selves.
We don’t need those begotten damned, lingering in the stagnant disposition of peace.
Let us triumph with a battle cry to the heavens brigade to come as our techno-savvy,
articulated mass saviors.
Redeem the children for the souls that [need] a happy ending, and let the rest fall to reeses pieces….Mmmm.”
“Compelling, if that’s what your into?”
“I’m in it, if that seems compelling?”
“Standards – falling to another wayside as the effervescence of life bubbles up, up, up and away …blessing us with the unacumulated details.”
“Sensory perception!”
“What do you know of it?”
“Nothing, if that’s something?”
“Knowing nothing about something [is] something, so is there ever nothing?”
“Nothing is that of love, of peace, of sound mind, of free will, of creativity, of power.”
“Put to the test, can I ensure that nothing will come of the future?”
“Right as rain.”
-Conversations of unraveling hearts

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