Lostn Thoughts

Sitting in this dismel post-Cold War American ex-bunker turned brothel in Lostn Texas, thinking….that the entirety of my life has been spent either in the direct need of love or the very loathing of it.

“Suesy, a little lighter dear, how do expect me to work like this ….that sloshing of saliva and skin….”

“….ah, thats better love.”

“Tina, child….can you get your favorite patron another scotch…”

See, when your a kid, a single day could fly by before your eyes as the sun rises and falls on the sheltered streets of a sub urbane american dream, thats why at 44, I sit in this shithole laughing for hours at the fact that the past 30 years has flown by like a 747 running from 2 cruise missiles. Ah yes, why I am writing this. Well, I’m not getting any younger…

…..Yes sir, even my ramblings will end up the way of the dodo eventually. Actually more like the way of the homo sapien. All my drawn out utterances will eventually fall head over heels tripping over its own self emposed hurtles left soley with its own self-destruction stinging the air with a tangable current; speaking volumes about its fruadulant, primitive past. Yet nothing changes, the essence of life is identical for everyone and everything. I suppose you could also label this ideological never changing essence, God, but that’s for those needing the sugar coating.

…To be Continued.


One comment

  1. Carrie · July 12, 2007

    What fabulous photos! Love your Lif:e message!

    Love, Live Abundantly!
    Carrie Gebbie, MS

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