So much for now.

Reviewing the preview thru the rear view i noticed the best time ive had was when i was with you.

touch the mountain side and then go run and hide when your father is damning you again. i hold the gentle rape of lif:e so near that i become asphixiated with this burden that i bare, deafeted by the weight bearing bananas, spent holding this solitude with the noose of peace. Please dont assume we groom your ears and eyes for nothing, for nothing will never be. Seperate your anxieties and woes from the roads and paths that you seak, for they are not the way to what you search for. The way is to you, not from you. Always remember.

…so much for now.



  1. emily · February 11, 2007

    wow that was so…awesome! 😀

    ~keep it real~

  2. Life Quotes · June 12, 2012

    really good. like the when you said rape of life

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