The weight bearing banana peels and the existance of a flurried furvor

And in a decidedly so manner the story begins with an incendiary flow…

loving peaches for us all! a far from us to restore the balance

one or the other but wait theres another way to feel life
straight laced and two faced shes sits upon her suitcase waiting for the train
but wait thats wrong this is a new cemetary century and we’ve killed off the train like we killed off your brain, but at least its our very own story to behold a new sentiment for the new time-old, whos to blame? …i know for very i am very certain know for very for i am very certain that shes got the grape cape and shes running over lonesome graves…taking every path every cherished star born has raised. shes lurking in the shadows even though its not dusk yet lest we pull astray our paths will convey a very sad touch, yes a very sad day. the local commotions on an even locomotion with the pitts of hell, with the pits of hell. oops what was that this isnt death metal infact its death pop. And im the underground rebel coming with a steady touch every second of the day im waiting to impress you with my meaning to convey


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  1. Life Quotes · June 12, 2012

    really awesome.

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