Alas!! Good Folk be talkin’ again.


How sweet it is to have lived for love than to have died by hate. The beauty of the day caught my attention and the breath be taken out of me and into the air. Dipped into that universal stew for a second or two, and then popped back down into the ol’ fig n’ skin. Dazzled by the riches my heart had felt, I left the view stained with the residual affect of being free.



  1. zoion · November 18, 2005

    these tomorrow people these long out blue hands

  2. emily · February 11, 2007

    gwen stefani….*shiver* i hate her music. no offense. good she did a good job, catwalk’s harder than it sounds!! and looks.

  3. emily · February 11, 2007

  4. emily · February 11, 2007

    that was so…sniff sniff…beautiful….:)

    ~keep it real~

  5. lookingforbeauty · February 5, 2008

    Awesome photo.

  6. historyromp · October 27, 2011


  7. Life Quotes · June 12, 2012


  8. Beautifully captured

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